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Valuation Admin Supervisor

Philippines , Philippines

Ref#: 19005451

Date published: 19-Feb-2019

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Prepares market value appraisals on simple real estate assets with considerable supervision and oversight, training and mentoring by supervisory Appraiser or Manager. Assists senior appraiser in the preparation of real estate appraisal reports, including entering data in the property database, taking photos of the subject and comparables, and driving the neighborhood. Confirms data, conducts discussions with market participants, and performs additional research as necessary.


Prepares and completes analysis and research on simple appraisal assignments.

Prepares written market value reports from cover to cover with substantial analytical guidance of a senior appraiser.

Examines and analyzes simple income producing properties and writes an analysis based on market comparisons.

Researches market area and analyzes current transactions and how they compare to the subject property.

Attempts to make a comparison analysis based on sales of similar properties.

Analyzes of past revenue and expense performance and attempts to project a stabilized operating statement.

May be trained to utilize Argus (cash flow software) and 3rd party databases to compile data for appraisal report.

Other duties may be assigned