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Strategic Sourcing Manager (EOI)

 Selangor , Malaysia

Ref#: 16448

Date published: 14-Nov-2018

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  • The purpose of this position is to manage the development and implementation of a company-wide strategic procurement platform for maintenance, repair and operation (MRO) service and supply contracts, capital expenditures and corporate purchases, with an overall objective of aggregating and leveraging purchasing power, increasing operational efficiency, and increasing profitability. 
  • Develops, plans, organizes and implements national/regional contracting and procurement strategies and programs to increase operational efficiency and profitability. 
  • Develops standardized systems and controls for procurement including RFP documentation, work authorization, purchase and change order systems, and supplier/contractor eligibility criteria. 
  • Manages the supplier/contractor certification process including review of requisite experience, legal and organizational structure, financial viability, geographic coverage, insurance requirements and other capabilities. 
  • Prepares and maintain contracts with national/regional service providers in accordance with company standards. 
  • Develops, manages, coordinates global sourcing processes and practices with internal stakeholders. 
  • Develops and manages relationships with national/regional suppliers and contractors and assist in contract negotiations 
  • Establishes requirements for and ensure the integrity of centralized procurement database systems. 
  • Demonstrate continuous effort to improve operations, decrease turnaround times, streamline work processes, and work cooperatively and jointly to provide quality seamless customer service.
  • Serves as key point of contact for utilization management and coordination with outside procurement/eprocurement solutions. 
  • Liaise with peer or others functional support colleague within the project to seek opportunities for collaborative procurements, and ensure that best practice and experiences are shared.
  • Develop and establish vendor management process 
  • Participates on behalf of the company in approved or sponsored procurement organizations or related initiatives. 
  • Develops training programs and assists in training employees in company-wide procurement procedures. 
  • Develops company-wide policies and procedures, playbooks and other organizational materials with respect to national/regional procurement. 
  • Bachelors degree in Business Administration, Engineering, or Building & Real Estate or equivalent to a 4-year college program in relevant discipline; Minimum 5 years experience in procurement of MRO, services and supplies in multiple industries.  Demonstrated experience in contract administration, contract negotiation, quality assurance, procurement management and vendor management. Experience in implementing e-procurement solutions with exposure to systems development and supplier management. 
  • C.P.M., C.P.S.M. or N.A.C.M. certifications or eligibility preferred. 
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Strong organizational and analytical skills. Ability to provide efficient, timely, reliable and courteous service to customers. Ability to effectively present information. Ability to respond effectively to sensitive issues. 
  • Requires advanced knowledge of financial terms and principles. Ability to calculate intermediate figures such as percentages, discounts, and commissions. Conducts advanced financial analysis. 
  • Ability to comprehend, analyze, and interpret complex documents. Ability to solve problems involving several options in situations. Requires advanced analytical and quantitative skills. 
  • Advanced skills in Microsoft Office Suite Products and Internet navigation. Experience in working with and managing e-procurement and contracts management platforms. Strong interpersonal and organizational skills with ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously. 
  • Decisions made with thorough understanding of procedures, company policies, and business practices to achieve general results and deadlines. Responsible for setting work unit and/or project deadlines. Errors in judgment may cause short-term impact to department.