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SCB-Facility coodinator SZ

Shenzhen , China

Ref#: 19021819

Date published: 12-Jun-2019

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  • Meet and greet employees, clients and visitors, & provide assistance based on their needs.
  • Handle & administer general enquiries from business users, ensuring prompt, effective resolution.
  • Proactive stewardship of workplace behaviour via floor walks observing workplace behaviour along with corrective reminders / actions performed (OR escalation to FM leads and or workplace team).   Ensure different space types are used as intended and develop communications to rectify and educate as required.
  • Perform regular and frequent inspections of the floors owned by the GRH, including the meeting rooms, focusing on cleanliness, tidiness and everything being in good order.
  • Pro-actively report and record any faults identified with furniture, fixtures & equipment to the Facilities Helpdesk, and follow up as necessary to ensure prompt resolution.
  • Oversee resolution of issues identified with phones in collaboration areas and meeting rooms.
  • Manage interaction with the business on all matters related to locker usage where FM, not the business, manage allocations of lockers to individuals. This may include locker allocations & usage, locker releases / clearing, locker audits and day to day issues such as forgotten keys / pin codes. 
  • Manage interaction with the business to assist the country point of contact for occupancy data (the ‘WebCoRE PIC’) in the collection / verification of data from the Bank’s space management system (‘WebCoRE’). Data includes employee location, workpoint occupancy and cost allocation information.