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Project Engineer

Penang , Malaysia

Ref#: 19029984

Date published: 15-Aug-2019

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  • As a Project Engineer, you are required to provide the interface between project ownership and delivery. You are required to act as the single focal point of contact between the Client, consultants and the Construction Contractor(s), ensuring the desired project objectives are delivered on projects. You must have adequate knowledge and information about the business and the project in order to make informed value-add decisions for both the Client and CBRE.
  • To manage internal client expectation on delivery of turnkey M&E projects. 
  • To manage materials delivery, in house team delivery ,and 3rd party specialized vendors to meet timelines of the project.  
  • To support with the establishment of the overall success criteria for the project, including time, schedule, cost, risk, technical, overall management and performance objectives. 
  • To draft the Project Execution Plan (PEP) and Project Control Plan (PCP) for agreement with the client and update it as and when required. 
  • To lead the stakeholder management plan for the project so that all parties are aligned and understand their role and input. 
  • Define all parties’ roles and responsibilities and manage the delivery of the deliverables of all members of the project team. 
  • Lead the selection of team members, consultants and contractors through the agreed procurement strategy. 
  • Devise and implement a project communication strategy for the project. 
  • Manage the flow of project information between the team and the client, through regular meetings and written communications. 
  • Set up a meeting structure and meeting chairing arrangements and process for taking and issuing minutes and follow up. 
  • Prepare formal project progress and other reports.
  • Planning - Lead overall project planning and scheduling.
  • Risk Management - Develop and implement the risk management plan including the management of the risk register and to then track the mitigation action plan.
  • Site - Co-ordinate and foster teamwork between all project stakeholders.
  • People - Practice sound people management principles to ensure that the team of Confluence staff, contractors and JV partners works well and provides a supportive environment for the achievement of project and individual objectives.
  • Contract Management - Lead the overall project team in terms of design, procurement, contract, cost, change and construction management.
  • Client management - Look for opportunities to improve the client’s position in regard to return and value.
  • Reporting - Establish formal reporting arrangements on project progress for the Client and Company. 
Key Deliverable: 
  • Project Execution Plan & Project Controls Plan
  • Stakeholder Map
  • Communications strategy
  • Risk management plan
  • Programme management plan
  • Meetings schedule
  • Project progress reports and presentations
  • Ad hoc project reports and recommendations as required
  • Ad hoc project reports and recommendations as required
  • You will operate within the constraints of the particular contract for which you have been appointed. You will have financial delegations for the Company in accordance with the financial authorities established by the Company, and as amended from time to time. 
  • This position requires professional ability and inherent motivation. You have the skills required to direct meetings, introduce discussion to encourage thinking on the wider commercial context and be responsible for the tasks assigned to members of your project team. You are willing and able to perform duties diligently to the quality standards set by the Company and conform to the Company’s policies and business systems and be committed to their implementation and continuous improvement at all times. 
Skills and Attributes
  • Apply quality management principles and processes 
  • Apply risk assessment and management principles and processes 
  • Network effectively, negotiate well and influence people, broker relationships with stakeholders within and outside the project 
  • Be aware of the broader environmental, social and economic perspectives and how they may affect the project 
  • Support and provide leadership to your project team. 
Qualification/ Skills
  • You should possess a degree in mechanical or electrical engineering or trade qualifications in a construction related discipline and have a minimum of 10 years relevant work experience.