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HSE Specialist

Wilayah Persekutuan , Malaysia

Ref#: 19007471

Date published: 3-Mar-2019

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Key Responsibilities:
  • Support Health and Safety Manager in all health and safety related matter. 
  • Ensure the Supplier’s activities (including in country health and safety action plans) are completed in time. This includes conducting annual building inspections, reporting inspection results and other relevant activities related to the mitigation of identified risks.
  • In particular, related to facility management and project related activities which have H&S implications, ensure that appropriate risk assessments are conducted, appropriate safe work method statements are developed to address the risks identified and the activities are carried out as per the safe work method.
  • Implementation of Permit to Work (PTW) process as per Client’s Policies for all relevant Supplier Staff and relevant CRES activities.
  • Ensure all occupational accidents and incidents are reported as per the Client’s Policies. Supplier shall assist and cooperate, as appropriate, during a related investigation and implementation of corrective actions.
  • Identification of health and legal requirements, maintenance of health and safety legal register and compliance with legal requirements.
  • Evaluation of compliance with legal requirements including approval of legal checks (the requirements of which have been notified to the Supplier prior to the Effective Date). Ensuring that effective corrective/preventive actions are taken to address any identified non- compliance in the delivery of the Services.
  • Work together with country Project/Facility Management (FM)/ Global Sourcing (GS) /Security/ Business Continuity Management (BCM) teams to seek to ensure that effective solutions are recommended and  implemented for H&S risk mitigation
  • In relation to all third parties performing relevant Client’s activities, management of contractors e.g. contribution in a selection, review of risk assessments / safe work method statements, inspections, stop work decisions, blacklisting decisions, penalizing decisions, review of contract terms etc.
  • New premises / project due diligence / review of documentation & submission for approval.
  • Engage with HR to ensure implementation of home working related risk assessments and subsequent actions as necessary.
  • Develop and implement relevant H&S communications and campaigns.
  • Analyse accident/incident statistics to identify trends and implement corrective actions. Consider wider application scope (e.g. country-wide, region-wide etc.) and action.
  • Engage with Country HR to ensure appropriate H&S induction to new employees.