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Facilities Coordinator - Taguig


Ref#: 18831

Date published: 29-Oct-2018

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If you're someone who's got a knack for a strategic and more hands-on task/s, working behind the scenes -improving an organisation’s performance, productivity and efficiency to make sure the entire environment of a building is safe, comfortable and running smoothly, this maybe the perfect role for you. Duties of the role will cover but not limited to Locker & storage policy, Security & access control policies, Housekeeping policies, Emergency policies, Vending & vendor management processes (Monitoring all consumables levels at pantry, restrooms, meeting rooms, conference rooms, training rooms and coaching areas), Supervising all facilities supply and logistics systems for housekeeping, maintenance and security, Other key processes (i.e. photocopying, pest control, retrofits and constructions, project management, housekeeping, security) Manage building and equipment maintenance schedules, test building security systems and prepare for emergencies by creating action plans, facilities administration and support, invoice management, site inspections and responding to service calls. You will be in a highly client facing role, supported by a Facility Management team, this maybe the role for you!


Facilities coordinators schedule preventative maintenance, respond to urgent maintenance calls and participate in the creation of emergency preparedness plans. Applying for required environmental permits may be included in a facilities coordinator's job duties. Facilities coordinators review furniture needs and keep the office supply and kitchen areas stocked. Some positions require coordinators to work in an administrative assistant capacity in addition to maintenance coordination.


Must have at least 6 months to 1 year of relevant experience or exposure in Facility Management (Soft Services- Building Security, Housekeeping, Division of Labor, Project Management, Building Operational Activities, Hard Services- Preventative building maintenance or building improvements)

Must have average to very good communication skills

Must have intermediate computer skills with adept knowledge in Microsoft Office Suite, Outlook, Adobe PDF files