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Guangdong , China

Ref#: 18033660

Date published: 27-Nov-2018

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·         Supporting the facilities and utility systems in client site, co-ordinate and supervise preventive maintenance relating to the HAVC/ACMV installation, equipment and other related operating functions, such as housekeeping, landscape maintenance, security cameras etc.

·         Programming and managing a team of Service Providers on all HAVC/ACMV and facility equipment and operation functions.

·         Overseeing the day to day activities of facility officer (where applicable).

·         Ensuring and complying with all the Environmental, Health and Safety requirements of the client.

·         Providing technical maintenance support in solving recurring problems.

·         Ensuring all work adherences to specification, code of practice and schedule of completion.

·         Ensuring that all staff comply with EHS requirements.

·         Ensuring all Service Provider’s representative have completed the safety training programs for contractors by the client.

·         Maintaining and updating documentation pertaining to all preventive maintenance schedule to the facilities. To conduct regular service provider’s performance reviews, covering work quality and customer satisfaction issues.

Allocating duties to team members as the need arises.