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Customer Service Supervisor

Philippines , Philippines

Ref#: 19010841

Date published: 21-Mar-2019

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PURPOSE OF ROLE: To oversee operation of teams and its members for a specified shift or schedule. Monitor performance of its members; leading them to achieve expected goals and targets; and provides instructions, guidelines and coaching for its members.


? To supervise individual member’s performance and checking progress in accordance with the expectations and KPI’s set forth for the operation and business needs.
? To complete daily task which includes:
1. Attendance Notification
2. Quality Audits (2 Calls and 2 non-Calls, ECL, PLSD)
3. Offline Task Assignment and Hourly Compliance of SSR dispatching.
4. Coaching and Feedback
5. Floorwalk and Huddle
6. Check Team’s daily AHT
? To resolve gaps, deviation or deficiency in the performance of work by any individual or the team and provide solution for any process flaws or rectify errors in the performance of work.
? To effectively organize work or task distribution among the employees with the same level or skills.
? To communicate effectively with the individual team members or the team the expected performance and conditions of the business or operations and motivating them to achieve targets and goals of the Business Unit (GRM).
? To update on a regular basis or as needed individual performance or standing of the employee and discuss other essential duties responsibilities.
? Build scorecard system for its team members with targeted Key Performance Indicators of the contact center.
? Conducts staff meetings to resolve problems and ensure client goals are reached.
? Prepare and deliver report presentations as required (weekly review, coaching logs, offline reporting and other reports as maybe required by the business).
? Track and report outages and escalations, computer equipment, applications or system problems/failures to appropriate personnel and invoke BCP if warrants.
? Interact with contact center leadership and employees to ensure both business and employee needs are balanced
? Identify best practices, help in initial set-up and provide training on:
1. Determining optimal work schedules and coordinates the effective scheduling of department meetings, training sessions and vacations.
2. Monitoring daily Contact Center performance and making adjustments to ensure that department response time and service goals are met.
3. Identifying quality improvements related to agent tools, training gaps, product development enhancements and overall agent service.
? Effectively interpret data related to internal and external customer needs
? Optimize the use of department technology and workforce optimization techniques to improve Contact Center quality, efficiency and effectiveness.
? Consult, advice and work with the Contact Center management teams to produce an improved customer experience and high levels of customer satisfaction balanced with Company's business needs.