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Country HSE Manager


Ref#: 17928

Date published: 27-Sep-2018

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The purpose of this position is to implement and manage HSE (Health, Safety and Environmental) programs relative to a large national/international corporate account or market area i.e. country
requirements, etc.

  • Manages HSE programs and initiatives to meet regulatory requirements and HSE needs for a country and client account(s). 
  • Evaluates new and existing programs to assess suitability and the need for changes. 
  • Monitors injury, illness, and incident related performance within the account, market area, or other assigned area of responsibility. 
  • Monitors performance for trends or other indicators of improving or degrading incident performance and develops and implements strategic solutions that will improve the performance results as required. 
  • Oversees HSE plans, playbooks, and procedures for the account, market area, or assigned area of responsibility. 
  • Ensures information is current, complete and effectively implemented. 
  • Monitors HSE (Health and Safety and Environmental) regulatory compliance within the account, market area, or assigned area of responsibility. 
  • Communicates all findings, concerns, and deficiencies to the responsible managers to effect timely and necessary corrections. 
  • Assist in the development and implementation of strategic solutions that will support management's efforts to improve and maintain compliance as required. 
  • Assists in identifying in opportunities to reduce costs while enhancing quality of services for a client/account. 
  • Promotes safety consciousness among employees by providing accurate and informative data, conducting safety meetings, giving timely feedback, on safety suggestions and visibly supporting the safety program(s).
  • Provides formal supervision to individual employees within single functional or operational area. 
  • Recommends staff recruitment, selection, promotion, advancement, corrective action and termination. 
  • Plans and monitors appropriate staffing levels and utilization of labor, including overtime. 
  • Prepares and delivers performance appraisal for staff. 
  • Mentors and coaches team members to further develop competencies. 
  • Leads by example and models behaviors that are consistent with the company's values.