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Construction Manager – Project Management [Residential Segment- High Rise Developments] - Pune


Ref#: 18762

Date published: 21-Oct-2018

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  • Demonstrates capability to read, understand and apply standard to moderately complex documents affecting real estate projects, including but not limited to: agreements/contracts, leases, work letters, project charters, surveys and drawings.
  • Provides estimates of project durations at all stages of the architect’s methodology of work, from conceptual design to construction documents.
  • Contributes to value engineering and constructability reviews.
  • Manages the resolution of planning phase risk associated with the clarity, specificity, and completeness of construction documents.
  • Assists project management in the transition of each project from its planning phase to construction.
  • Works in support of project management during materials procurement to ensure compliance with construction plans and specifications.
  • Provides diagnostic monitoring of baseline estimates during project construction.
  • Validates planning metrics upon project completion.
  • Develops and maintains a central database of trade contractors and material vendors.
  • Attends management review meetings, and assists in developing and making presentations.
  • Other duties as assigned.
Location : Pune