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Administrative Assistant

Hong Kong

Ref#: 18314

Date published: 9-Oct-2018

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-        Communicate with client to determine total scope of work and priority of the work to be performed.  Keep client apprised as to the status of the work order until completion.

-        Assess the job to be performed and determine the schedule to accomplish the work.  Ensure safety needs are given top priority while planning work.

-        Manage all statutory and contractual planned maintenance and file all certifications and reports systematically.

-        Estimate job requirements including number /type of contractor to be assigned and number of man-hours per task utilizing information from Computerized Maintenance Management System.

-        Supervise the monthly and annual schedule, renew the status of scheduled work orders, and discuss new, incoming work orders.

-        Utilize Computerized Maintenance Management System to Manage work orders history and track job status and repair cost.

-        Generate and provide management reports on topics tracked such as overtime, work backlog, equipment repair history and cost, trouble calls, work orders, and customer satisfaction.

-        Identify opportunities to improve process, planning or performance through analysis of work order flow, project demands and expectations.

-        Validate site assets by carrying out asset condition survey

-        Pick up emergency calls and mobilize suitable contractors to attend

-        Communicate with Call Centre to resolve work order problems

-        Manage Mobile Technicians work orders

-        Compile with all company policies and procedures and adhere to company standards.

-        Perform other duties as required.