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Account Manager

Singapore , Singapore

Ref#: 18502

Date published: 17-Oct-2018

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The Account Manager will be responsible for the management and delivery of all contractual obligations including subcontractor management, financial control, QHSE compliance, work scheduling, and team training & development whilst also running day to day critical facilities operations.

The Account Manager will also be responsible for the following:
  • Provide leadership, and ensure that contractual commitments are met and exceeded.
  • Ensuring business policies and processes are effectively communicated, and implemented within the contract.
  • Ensure the provision of healthy and safe working conditions and that both clients and Company health and safety policy and process is effectively implemented.
  • Ensure optimum staffing structures operate across contracts, balancing cost reduction with the delivery of service excellence. 
  • Ensure structures support peaks and troughs in workload, and disaster recovery.
  • Ensure contracts are staffed by fully competent teams, ensuring post holders are fully competent, and that effective succession planning arrangements are in place.
  • Working with other operational managers to ensure the collaborative development of the business, effective team working, and support to colleagues.
  • Development of contract financial plans.
  • Ensure appropriate control systems to ensure statutory, policy and contractual commitments are met.
  • Ensuring a customer focus within all areas of operational activities.
  • Provision of leadership and guidance, advice, coaching and direct support, where required to deliver best practice selection, training, assessment and recognition/reward.
  • Delivering effective business communication through advice, review, leadership and direct contribution to management and team meetings, briefings, consultation forums, correspondence, publicity, monthly and ad-hoc reporting and other publications, as appropriate.
  • Provide a learning environment, and appropriate training and development planning. 
  • Ensure basic training needs are delivered, employees are fully competent to undertake their roles, and are able to reach their full future potential.
  • Execute the responsibilities of a manager according to ethical standards.
Essential Qualities
  • A strong sense of pride and ownership of the account and the 2 sites that come with it. He/She needs to think and act as one would if they actually owned these sites instead of being a Managing Agent. They have to constantly ask themselves, what they would do if it was their home/own office. 
  • Commitment to Service Quality & Excellence - The candidate must have the ethos required of a person working in one of the best corporations in the world that prides itself on the user experience. He/She should be able to anticipate the customer’s needs and ensure that steps are taken to address them before they become an issue. If they do become an issue, the candidate should be able to act quickly and immediately go into service recovery mode to win back the customer’s confidence. 
  • Excellent communications skills – The customer prefers the personal approach and the candidate must be comfortable in meeting up in person with the customer regularly to address issues that may arise. The candidate should also be able to develop similar confidence and skills in the site team to communicate effectively with the end user. The candidate should also always ‘close the loop’ and follow up with proper communication with the customer once issues are resolved. 
  • Strong Leadership Skills – The candidate should have strong leadership skills and should be able to command the respect of his/her direct reports. He/She should have the confidence and the knowledge to make sound decisions in the best interests of both CBRE and the customer. He/She should also be able to delegate duties effectively but retain accountability as the Account Manager. 
  • A strong sense of responsibility and accountability– The candidate should be willing to respond to urgent incidents or activities outside of regular working hours if required. This can be done in partnership with the Asst. Manager, but the candidate must retain overall accountability.